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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Praxis Newsletter 1/94 (26-02-94)

Newsletter from the Praxis record label given out at the first Dead By Dawn night at the 121 centre.
I'm pretty sure the "techno" version of Bourbonese Qualk played a live set on the night too.

 click on the images  for bigger versions

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Stockwell Hole 27-02-2012

And a whole lot more spray paint wall art for you this week, they sure have been busy down there I guess the two lovely sunny days over the weekend certainly didn't hurt with that.
Here goes 14 new pieces.
Blood Lust

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Stockwell Hole - 17-19/02/2012

Here is a work in  progress from Friday 17-02:
unfortunately by the time I walked past it again in daylight it had already been covered, a shame as it was pretty cool.

So anyway, on Sunday I caught a few more:

Thursday, 16 February 2012

St Agnes Place Benefit - 29/04/2004

At the George IVth on Brixton Hill.
This was to raise funds to try and fight the eviction of St Agnes Place as after quite a long time of peaceful occupation there threats of eviction had re-emerged.
Ultimately it all proved futile and the eviction did take place leading to this which has now turned into an even more definite piece of wasteland (I'll go take some new pictures there soon, I promise)

Reclaim The Future 2 - 01/02/2003

A massive war-protest-fundraiser cum party undertaking.
This took place in an ex tv showroom which IIRC was the planned site for an ASDA supermarket.
A lot of interesting exhibits were there on site and a hell of a lot of acts played.

Here is the promo blurb:
Reclaim The Future 2 
Saturday 01/02/03 
All day and all night event in a self-organised space in London 
For Venue Details please ring 07931 560 569 or check
from noon on the day 
Workshops, cabaret, comedy, political cinema & café from 3pm.  Kids
space in the afternoon. 
Party till late with Inner Terrestrials, Simon Emmerson (Afro-Celt
Sound System), Spacegoats, Tragic Roundabout, Gertrude, Very special
guest Buster Bloodvessel, Freak Beat Reactor, Zebedee, Tim Wheelan
(Transglobal Underground), Earthtribe DJ set, Debs Elemental,
Megabitch, Louise Plus One, Rob & Jerome (Groove Asylum), EDIT live,
Nelson Dilation DJ Seed (Squall) and many special guests 
£2 in afternoon, £5/3 after 7pm 
We still need artists, prop makers, musicians, cooks etc – e mail or call 07931 560 569. 
Brought to you by: 
RTS 2003 Street Party Network (
The Wombles
Social centres Network
And a random collective of London Anarchists
Money raised is for anti-war and anti-capitalist actions 
There is a more detailed one here

you can find pictures of the actual event here  as well as here

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A couple of flyers for the well loved People's Republic Of Disco which had started at The Windmill pub before moving later on to The Canterbury Arms.

This is (quite sadly) now defunct.
I remember some great times and very positive vibes at all the ones I managed to attend, all their archives are here.
And you can also find out about their new projects there.

Here is a short promo blurb:
“We believe that the people of this country are being oppressed,” announces a man calling himself Comrade Dubversion, “by capitalism, the sorry state of democracy and long DJ sets for the ‘shirts-off-up-for-it’ crowd. We want to see the end of the superclub, the end of the DJ workout, the end of bongo-laden nonsense. I believe with a Molotov cocktail in one hand and a Kylie single in the other, we can bring discocracy to this green and pleasant land.” source 

56a flyer

Early 00s I would have thought, before the power of full colour glazed card was applied to their publicity efforts.
I might yet find some more.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Synthetic Circus - 14-12-2002

SO I wasn't sure which year this was but this forum post would suggest it was in 2002.
I am probably mistaken but IIRC this one happened in the old Coronet Cinema in Elephant and Castle while it was still empty and this might have contributed to someone thinking "hey, we can make money out of this joint" as it has since been reopened and still seems to be in use (albeit occasionally only) these days
Someone please tell me if I'm wrong.

Benefit gig hackney

I have no remembrance of this whatsoever (be ready to read this statement on quite a few of my posts :) )
any info gratefully received via the comments, ta.

The Stockwell Hole - 13/02/2012

So, on to work last night I noticed some spray paint activity in the hole, sure enough this was there today

and since last week there was quite a few more, here they come

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Stockwell Hole - Sunday February 5th 2012

Nothing to do with parties gigs squatting or even the 90's, some good stuff despite my talentless hungover photo snapping..

every time I walk to work I pass this place:
Obviously it does not look like much which is why most people are totally unaware of what goes on inside it...
let's take a closer look
now it looks more interesting already.

Let's go down the ramp and see what's down there.u walk down this is the first one you see, it give a blogspot address I guess of one of the persons involved
And now for the rest of the artworks:


Good documentary there about the camelot (and others) occupier protection racket.
It's all in Dutch with subtitles but I hear they use the same techniques here and this should probably be dealt with from a legal point of view and get challenged.


Friday, 3 February 2012

Gig - Bacon Factory - 08-03-2003

I can't remember being at this gig, but I'm pretty sure I was though.
I definitely saw apatia no at The Lord Cecil pub in Hackney around that time though.
Probably another of those highly alcoholised nights I seem to be so fond of.
A few flyers from the Lord Cecil will come up in the next few days as I have scanned a fair few things today.

Gig - Bacon Factory - 15-02-2003

I'm guessing this was the day after the party in my previous post, somehow quite a few nights there seem to run into each other in my memory.
Especially when I never made it home...

IIRC reknaw did  the sounds for

St Valentine Drag Massacre Disco - Bacon Factory - 14-02-2003

First post in a series of 8 with flyers freshly taken down from my wall (yep they've been there all that time, I don't redecorate very often).
IIRC this was squatted in the later part of 2002 and went on until late 2003 or early 2004 (but as with all things I could be wrong so corrections are welcome)

This was a short walk from Elephant & Castle, after the eviction it was